Back to the Future Car

taking note

I don't have any dexterity and I'm not excited to get on one of these things, but the Hover Bike does look awesome. It's also finally taking advantage of better technology and fulfilling geek dreams everywhere.

Plus, if a guy wants to own one of those things and says he wants to drive one dressed as Darth Maul I will do anything for him. Anything.
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One Less Password To Remember

I would like to go off the grid.

I can still have an online "persona" where I communicate to the outside world from my ramshackle cabin in the forest. I'd have to steal Internet, though. Maybe I could disconnect completely and find my own Walden Pond.

I'm furious at the banks today. I have no money. I am poor and relying on assistance for the two bills I have to pay. One is taking care of a debt that I hope to no longer bear within a year's time and the other is for (admittedly) a luxury that connects me to friends without hogging my Dad's phone.

I switched to a new bank when I moved here (I kept my old one open "just in case") due to, mainly, an issue of convenience, but also because my bank was Wells Fargo and I had an emotional connection to Wachovia. When it changed I was feeling disillusioned somehow by Big Bank and wanted to try somewhere local. I knew the bank I was going to was being absorbed by a bank up in CT where Mom lives so she could access the account as well. Somewhat convenient. (The store hours and the location, but not the phone service that says call them only M-F 8:30-5!)

Today I received a packet in the mail explaining that in two weeks time, when the merger is complete, I will be charged a monthly fee for my account. In the 11 years of having a bank account I've never had to pay a monthly fee. It came as shocking news. I'm not so poorly educated about finances that I don't know that banks charge unfairly - I passed over two other banks *because* of this bank's free checking.

I don't want online billing. I don't want savings. I don't want interest. I just need a place to put my damn money. Hey, if I overdraft (which happens once every 8-9 months as a poor person) then you get a bonus!

I will be retrieving my money shortly and giving it back to my old bank. The fear, however, was whether W.F. had changed *its* policies. All of their checking account services have fees unless you fit into a certain category (which I don't qualify for). When I got a letter from them during *their* merger, they said none of my checking account policies would be changed. I seem to still have my "Essential" Checking as of the last statement. It is free as it is a Wachovia developed service and Wachovia still exists in some form within that company. But I am wary. And watchful.
Back to the Future Car

Hope There's Beer When I Get There

I'm trying to make some positive changes since being at Mom's for a week. Being sick during that whole time has put a damper on my plans, though. I went from having a stomach virus to not being able to see or think straight from an increase in brain meds.

I did get to go to the doctor's about my virus, though. And it wasn't a neurologist for once! I got to be poked in the belly by a very cute doctor, which was kind of awkward actually. Then I was fine a day later, so I'm positive he had magical hands. The wonders he could do with those hands.

Anyway, I have returned home and instead of improving my relationship with my father I think it has gotten slightly worse with an argument or two about politics (Wikileaks) and health. Still skirting religion thankfully. I'm trying not to *horf* down all the chocolate and once the dizziness passes I might start walking, though I don't trust this neighborhood. Creepy creepy neighborhood.

I'm trying to get back into photography, with the help of Mom's super-camera. I've downloaded a bunch of reading/practice material for the GRE. I also deleted SMMSM because it was looming behind me as this guilt monster that would lurk and attack Mom at a bad moment in our relationship. We're doing good right now. It's not necessary to have that.

So my goals are to get the GRE set up, at some point re-visit the campus to get in touch with the head of the dept. and set up a plan, exercise more, keep off the cigs (I went a full month & then was bad for 4 days & haven't had any for another week and a half), start walking to the CVS to flirt with the hot pharmacist, resist playing Mystery of the Druids. ~ Rambling because I have a bit of a headache despite coffee & water actually in my system. Should probably eat.
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I don't want to write this again

I started writing before the DDoS attack and then when I hit post LJ crashed and everything was gone. Quick sum up (thanks to those stupid Russians):

I read all of "Animal Farm" in one sitting because I'm mental and I will suffer for this.

I went to SUNY finally to meet with an advisor. He was kind of a dick and told me 2nd Bachs don't really have a chance to get in when first applying. BUT, silver lining from Mr. Doom & Gloom, was that I could apply as a "non-matriculating graduate" student and get a Master's degree with reqs planned into my schedule. Not sure how doable that will be with the Geo dept., but the department that handles this program seemed to make it sound like it's fine.

Because I realized how old and decrepit (and this DDoS attack made it more obvious my concern) LJ is, I'm coming to understand that someday it may finally be time to send this horse to the glue factory. I will give it some more time, but in the meanwhile I wanted to see how I could back up some history. I found a program called LJ Archive for anyone who is interested. It saves posts, comments, icons, and links (I think). I'm having issues with comments right now, but partly due to server deals.

Good. Night.
(Fuck off Russia.)
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Strange Days

Eating Chinese food with the family while drinking:

Me: iPads are the new telescreens. That's why Obama had that meeting with Steve Jobs.
Dad: (amused) Uh-huh.
Me: I think I've become a paranoid conspiracy theorist.
Dad: Oh dear. Don't do that.
Me: You think it's because I've become a hermit cut off from the outside world?
Dad: Yes.
Me: Maybe I should call people.
Dad: Yes.
Me: Or maybe this time alone is just helping me see everything clearly!
Dad: Or without the outside world you are only seeing a smaller pie-
Me: No! I'm seeing the bigger picture!
I then proceeded to go on a tirade against war and the economical oppression of the masses. I was brushed off so Dad & Meg could watch a piece on NATO and Gadhafi. The PBS program said something about NATO working together in previous years for other wartime options and started listing years. I interjected "and 1984". That got a laugh.

Then I said Gadhafi looked like he was dressed in a paper bag. He could be like one of those Fandango people. Someone could make a paper bag caricature of him and have him advertise for Fandango, but I don't think they'd want the press. We tried to figure out what movie he'd want to see. Meg noted Jane Eyre came out today. I thought of little Paper Gadhafi sitting there going, "Damn you, Mr. Rochester!"

[Edit: I had a weird question here on racism & using a paper bag to depict a Middle Eastern man. I suppose if it is a well-known ad spoof and one that depicts all races and creeds, then depicting one person and relating it back should not have ramifications as long as you clearly state that's what it is. I have a paper bag. I can't promise this will happen.]

Anyway, my fortune in the fortune cookie was: "Fear is the interest you pay on a debt you may not owe."
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Death Whale

Today has been a weird day.

I spent 20 minutes explaining the religious story implications of FFX with Dad. He is now very excited about the game and while he's not going to play it he will needle me some more about me being religious. At no point have I said to him I'm not religious nor believe in a higher power, I simply don't believe in the traditional idea of evil & redemption (a prominent concept dealt with in FFX as two groups struggle with traditional vs. questioning faith). He said neither do Methodists. I cringed and told him I was still Pagan. And so the discussion went. If anyone wants more of the dialog we had about the game, I can give a basic rundown, but it got a little silly since he kept interjecting.

Then it turned into how similar the game was to the original Star Wars. I hadn't really thought about it. As I was bringing up character & idea traits Dad started making these connections that I fleshed out further (knowing the game more). Tidus: Luke. Auron: Obi-Wan. Jecht: Vader. Sin: The Death Star (think about it!). Water Sword: Light Saber. Seymour/Mika both make good fits for the Emperor. Wakka/Lulu as Han & Leia. Kimahri: Chewbacca. Rikku is definitely R2D2 & C3P0 combined. I'm not positive about Yuna. Yoda maybe? In some kind of a creepy fashion she could be "the force" since Tidus doesn't really use any special powers, but the whole world of Spira is depending on specific chosen/gifted ones who can use these powers. Yuna doesn't have all of Luke's qualities, yet we could combine her & Tidus to get the gist.

(I'm sure I'm not the only one to come up with these associations so don't get on my case. I might have even said something about Auron being Obi-Wan-ish at some point, but didn't say more than that. I have a lot of time to think now.)

I also spent 10 minutes researching bacon recipes because we found out there are 4 pounds of bacon in the house. They keep buying bacon and then they put it into the freezer (they have a large freezer downstairs as well) thinking they don't have any. Then the process begins anew because nobody put any in the fridge instead. So accumulated bacon = Beth's problem. Somehow.

I am mostly through 1984. I am getting through this shit fast. Today I read it while listening to my headphones and right while he was in the middle of discussing the definition of "Hate Week" I was listening to "Freebird". Odd experience.


Each day adds more accomplishments. As they add up, I think I'm getting back on my feet and may someday get myself back on the track of job/school/contacting real people. I had my EEG this morning, took a shower, had Dunkin Donuts (I count that as an accomplishment since the 'rents "don't eat fast food"), went to the library to return my books ON TIME, got a book out I've been meaning to read, got the dishes done, called SUNY, aaaand played 3 hours of FFX. Yeah. I'm onto that again.

I found this list of important books people should read in their lifetime. I reviewed the list. I printed it out. I crossed out the books I had read and it occurred to me, with some measure of horror as someone who believes themselves to be a literature lover, I'm way behind on this list.

I will admit, I have not fully read 1984, despite having made many references to it. So my first book on this list is going to be that one. I feel it is timely. I plan to get it read as quickly as possible to get through this list by the end of the year, although I'm not making any promises as I'm a terribly slow reader and easily distracted (plus with 3 weeks per borrow time, I give myself that leniency).

As for SUNY: I was told in order to get a second Bachelor's, as is written on their site, I just need to do the regular app & send it in & I'll get 2nd priority. I was calling them to see if I could set up some sort of advisory appointment, but was discouraged from doing so. I would like to know if I can get a leg up on this "second priority" crap and if all my pre-reqs really are covered even though the girl I spoke to (who sounded younger than I & highly unsure of herself - terrible customer service skills) told me most likely I'd be fine since SUNY S.B. has so few requirements, but maybe an admissions rep can let me know in person.

I'm going to try to visit within the next 2 weeks without an appointment and see if I can talk to someone on my own. I'll take a tour. Dad's been iffy on taking me, so I'm asking the step-Mom since she used to go. (That's right! I live with a gradumate of S.B.). Taking baby steps.
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Lonely Math

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I finally finished that Calculus book! Cover-to-cover it took me 20 days. I don't know what that means.

Maybe I could be a math tu-itor. That's if I were able to resist the urge not to beat children in the face with heavy books.

Caffeine headache in full swing.
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No Coffee???

I have an EEG tomorrow which means I have to spend the day without caffeine or any stimulant, really. But I have to stay awake. In fact, they would like me to stay up late and then go in for an 8:45am EEG.

This isn't like Vice Free week where I built up to it. Oh no. I've been drinking 2-3 cups a morning. I don't know what to do with myself now. Except maybe stare blankly into the void of space.

And it's raining. I *was* going to walk, perhaps to the library if I finished the books.

Today is going to be a bitch.